General Anesthesia

mountains with fogGeneral Anesthesia (G.A.) is ideal for young children under the ages of 14 years and for patients with extreme dental anxiety.  The patient’s medical doctor needs to fill in a medical history form prior to booking the appointment.  Appointments are booked at a G.A. clinic on West Broadway in Vancouver  Once the medical history is completed, it can be faxed to the Anesthesiologist for review.  The appointment is then scheduled over the phone.  The patient must fast from midnight the night prior to surgery.  The Anesthesiologist will do a medical history review with the patient before beginning the G.A.  Once the patient is ‘asleep’, Dr. Gumplinger will administer local anesthetic and begin the procedure.  The patient will spend time in the recovery room under the supervision of the Registered Nurse (RN) until the patient is stable and ready to go home. Some nausea after a G.A. is not uncommon.  Once the patient is ready to go home, the R.N. will review postoperative instructions with the responsible adult escort (usually the parent).  A postoperative prescription is often necessary and will need to be picked up within one hour of leaving the office.  The patient will require attendance by a responsible adult for 24 hours following the surgery.  The patient must not drive or sign any legal documents for 24 hours following the surgery.