Oral Sedation

red flowersOral Sedation is ideal for those patients who have a simple procedure but tend to be nervous or agitated in the dental office.  The patient is given sedative medication half an hour before surgery.  Once the patient feels relaxed, Dr. Wintermute or Dr. Gumplinger will administer local anesthetic, wait for the area to become numb and then proceed with the surgery.  Prior to leaving the office, our Certified Dental Assistant (C.D.A.) will review the postoperative instructions with the responsible adult escort who must drive the patient home, assist with picking up the postoperative prescription, and then stay with the patient for several hours after the surgery. Oral sedation gives an individual result that varies from patient to patient. Some patients feel very relaxed and drowsy while others get little effect from the medication. For a more specific result, a patient may decide to have intravenous sedation.